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Scotchgarding Carpet

Protecting Your Carpet

Whether you’ve bought a new carpet or you want to ensure your existing carpet lasts for as long as possible, Scotchgarding your carpets will protect them from stains and soiling.

What Is Scotchgard?

Scotchgard is an environmentally, child and pet friendly chemical coating applied to the carpet either at the mill or in your home. It coats the fibres of the carpet, making the surface of the fibres more-or-less non-stick, and therefore less absorbent.

It allows dirt, liquid and oil to be more easily cleaned up, as they are far less likely to penetrate the fibres of the carpet.

Does It Work?

The simple answer is yes it does work. Scotchgard, applied onto newly laid carpet, have been proven to significantly increase the life and stain resistance of your carpet.

However, please don’t expect miracles. There are limitations. Liquids such as red wine, if left, will stain. We would advise that you put together a rudimentary stain spot kit to tackle spills immediately. We also recommend regular vacuuming.

Is Scotchgard Worth It?

Absolutely. In fact, at James for Carpets Ltd, we believe that it is an integral part of carpet care, and have therefore integrated Scotchgarding into our 9-step deep cleaning process.

This restores any previous protection and will help improve the durability and resilience of the carpet.

Scotchgarding new carpets is the best way to keep them looking and feeling their best. Our fitters are fully trained and experienced in applying Scotchgard.

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Do I Need It?

Some carpets are pre-coated with carpet protection, whilst others have a stain resistance built into them, and others still have no protection at all. This is something we would discuss with you during our Mobile Carpet Showroom consultation.

Constant use, children, pets, visitors, accidents, and even cleaning affects the condition of your carpet and the effectiveness of the protective coating.

We would recommend that Scotchgard is re-applied regularly to restore its protective properties. This would be particularly effective after a deep clean, which is why we include it as part of our 9-step deep clean service.

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