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Carpet Cleaning

We are pleased to offer a full range of carpet cleaning services using our top of the range Air Flex vacuum cleaners that allow us to clean right down to the base of your carpet and extract dirt, pollens, oily residue and stains.

Experienced and Highly Trained Cleaners

Our experienced team, led by James, have been trained and certified by Prochem, a leading manufacturer of carpet cleaning products, enabling them to clean your carpets to the highest professional standards.

Our team are trained to assess and identify:

  • The construction and fibre of the carpet
  • The condition of the carpet
  • The appropriate techniques for the removal of specific stains
  • Any appropriate special treatments that may be required

Proven 9-Step Steam Cleaning System

We will make your carpets as new with our proven 9-step steam cleaning system. We will:

  1. Vacuum using our high filtration vacuum cleaner
  2. Spot stain removal
  3. Antibacterial pre-spray to lift oily residue and pollutants
  4. Steam clean and vacuum
  5. Apply a residue-free rinse to maintain the condition of the carpet and reduce future soiling
  6. Replace furniture with foil and syrofoam pads to prevent colour transfer whilst your carpet is wet
  7. Grooming the carpet to ensure it is tangle free
  8. Leave you with slip on overshoes to wear whilst the carpet is drying
  9. Apply or reapply Scotchguard to extend the life of your carpet.

Gentle Cleaning Products That Pack a Punch

We only use products that are non-toxic and kind to children, pets and the environment.

Shorter drying times

Recent advances in technology have produced significantly more powerful machines. More water is extracted during the final stages of our cleaning process, meaning carpets have much shorter drying times.

Stain Removal

Whilst we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains, we have a fantastic track record and are confident that you will be satisfied with our carpet cleaning service.

Our cleaners carry full professional stain kits designed to remove a range of hard to remove stains.

Regular Cleaning

Carpets really do benefit from deep cleaning, and we recommend that you plan to have your carpets steam cleaned on a fairly regular basis; once every two years for those at home and four times a year for commercial properties.

Honest and Impartial Advice

Contact us today to schedule your carpet clean. Our experienced team are on hand to offer you honest, impartial advice and answer any questions you may have.